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A Pin-Ups Creation ANY LENGTH 10" - 22"

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If you are having trouble deciding among our vast inventory, then this is the recommended option to achieve the best hair color match that you are 100% in love with!...
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If you are having trouble deciding among our vast inventory, then this is the recommended option to achieve the best hair color match that you are 100% in love with! Send us your perfectly matched and purchased hair weft and we will create your custom Pin-Ups pre-teased ponytail! Go to any Sally's or ethnic wig/extension beauty shop and ask for assistance to find the perfect match of 100% human hair weft (no clip-ins or no halos). (***Please note, if you choose to go to Sally's, we have a list of preferred brands there, not all hair wefts are created for perfectly teased cheer ponies there!).

Competition & picture perfect hair for the most elite athletes of the cheer & dance world! 100% human hair matched to your natural hair color and teased to a Pin-Ups pony perfection! Can be left straight as it is, curled or crimped!

Each Pin-Ups ponies is teased to perfection and will alleviate the hassle of of teasing and washing your athlete's hair every competition. With Pin-Ups, you will no longer damage your athlete's natural hair and no longer prevent it from healthy growth and lavish texture!

Pin-Ups - Ponies with a Tease is a competition and picture perfect investment!

Each order comes with the selected matched and teased Pin-Ups hairpiece, the base component for the natural hair, Pin-Ups threader, and a Pin-Ups box for traveling and storage.

You will need to decide on the perfect Pin-Ups length for you. Sometimes you may find that you have found a color match, but the supplier does not have the desired length; if this is the case, please indicate in the comment section you would like us to trim the length to your specific length.
It is suggested that Mini/Youth girls wear 12-14" ponytails and Junior/Senior girls wear 16-18" ponytails to prevent any difficulties with tumbling and stunting. (Longer lengths are pretty, but have been known to be difficult for some girls to tumble/stunt with!). You'll need to match your hair with 100% hair extension and purchase the weft/track extension pack (1 pack is needed for regular thickness hair, and 2 packs are needed for extra thick/long hair!).

The two-tone highlight option is an additional cost which allows more color variations to your Pin-Ups! You will need to provide two packs of hair (regardless of thickness), with one color being the base color, and the second color being the highlight color.
-The base color should match your athlete's root color.
-The highlight color should match the lightest shade of your athlete's natural haircolor to achieve the most natural highlight results!
The highlight color should not be too drastic in color difference, as it will look unnatural, just a few shades lighter is recommended.

Please note appearance of hairpiece length varies depending on height and torso length of each athlete. The tease quality and height of the pony will also vary based on brand of hair and length, not all hair brands tease the same!

Purchase this Pin-Ups Creation product and be sure to send a copy of your purchase order confirmation along with your hair with shipment tracking to:

PO BOX 940820, Miami, Florida 33194

Once received, your order will enter the queue list. Please follow the tracking on your package when sent as your confirmation as we are unable to send confirmation emails with the current order volume we have as packages are received. Thanks!!



Turnaround Times

Our most current turnaround time is indicated on the gray and pink bar on the top of the webpage. Please understand these time frames are estimates, and our timelines fluctuates as order volumes increases. If you are unable to wait the standard turnaround times, please find the RUSH option by typing it into the search bar and attach this option to your order before checkout for a guaranteed 2 week shipment time!

Return Policy

Before You Buy

Please note, all hairpieces and eyelashes are non-refundable. Due to hygienic reasons, these products cannot be returned to the inventory. A color match consultation is a complimentary service from our experts! For your consultation, please email us several photographs of your athlete's hair from different angles. Please be sure photos of hair reflect the hair color in natural lighting.