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You have two options for finding the perfect match for your Pin-Ups: Option A. Match your hair to our vast inventory of colors! If you do not see a standard color as an option, please ask us about our custom mix of colors to achieve the correct blend of deep tones and sunkissed locks! Color matching and custom color mixes are free of charge! ** Please send a few photos of your athlete in natural sunlight so we can determine if we a match for her in our inventory! Please ensure the photos submitted are true to color of what your athlete's color is to the naked eye. Often times, photos submitted can be in harsh lighting or overcast and hair colors appears more red or deeper in shade. If the photographs do not appear true to color, please take a 15 second video in natural lighting of multiple angles (a 360 view!) of your athlete's hair! Option B: Go to your local beauty supplier who offers ethnic wigs and extensions. You can match your hair to the haircolor options available there! Once you've found the perfect match, purchase one pack for regular thickness hair, or 2 packs for extra thick hair, send the hair extension pack to us in a mailer envelope of any kind (yes, you can fold it to make it fit!) along with your paid invoice copy for the Pin-Ups Creation and let the magic begin! Interested in knowing which hair brands tease really well, and which need to be avoided? Email us for the list that we've compiled over the years! *** Be sure to ship it priority mail with free tracking so that you can track your package to us! With so many orders, it is very difficult for us to have to help track it for you, so when you can view tracking on your end, it helps to cut down the "have you received my hair packs yet?" emails! Lengths vary from 12" to 22"! We have provided the photos to help you make the best decision! Please keep in mind that with longer lengths, there is potential for tumbling/stunting hazards! Unless your athlete is a strong tumbler/advanced stunter, we highly advise against excessively long lengths! Each individually marked length option in our Pin-Ups Shop will offer greater detail as to which age group each length is most appropriate for. The best gauge for hair length is to have your athlete hold her arms extended above her head. Measure the distance from where her pony would sit on the crown of her head and her wrist. This is the ultimate, 'no tripping hazard' safe zone length, however, a few inches (2-3" or so) is generally not an issue. The lengths below are the popular length for the age groups (in accordance with allstar cheer age grouping): 12": Tiny and Mini age 14": Mini and Youth age 16": Youth and Junior Age 18" Junior and Senior age
It is very important for us to know if the athlete has thick or excessively long hair! The hair net design will be larger in circumference (volume remains the same) to accommodate thickness and will require more hair extension packs to get the job done! Not one size fits all! Some girls have thin to normal thickness hair, and others have very thick/long hair! Your natural buns will wrap into very different sizes! Visually, if you wrap your athlete's hair into a bun, if its the size of a biscuit or smaller, then it is regular thickness. If it is anything larger than that (think like a burger!), then it is considered thick and will need an XL net! Another rule of thumb: If your athlete can comfortably tie a normal hairtie 3x around their ponytail, then it is not considered "thick" by our definitions. If you struggle or cannot get the third tie around the ponytail, this means the athlete has thick hair, and we need to know this in order to make the appropriately sized pin-ups creation. If your athlete falls in the thick hair category, we will need you to purchase 2 packs of 100% human hair extension to completely cover the larger design. If you are uncertain, it is always safer to go with the XL option! ***Regular thickness versus XL thickness does not necessarily constitute a bigger tease! This is only used to determine net size to ensure it wraps properly around the natural bun!
Always purchase 100% human hair! And be weary of "100% Human Hair MIX", "100% Human Hair BLEND", "100% Human Hair MASTERMIX", "100% PREMIUM human hair", or any other variation that has extra verbiage before/after "100% Human Hair", because that means that it is a synthetic blend/mix. This hair type is never preferred, but it often times offer more color range for our clients. If you DO absolutely have to by the synthetic blend, please note that it is stringier (more plastic feeling), has the tendency to tangle easier, and does not tease as well. However, you do gain the fact that it can still be curled in some cases if it is specified on the packaging. If you can avoid the synthetic blends, please do! It has never been our favorite when it was sent from a client as it leaves a less than standard product that's heavier from the synthetic weight too! Synthetic hair.... Please do not purchase these or send them to us. They do not tease well, and they don't look great. Please do not buy synthetic hair to send for your creation!
The best way to describe our Standard tease is that it reaches to about cheer bow height. The Extra Volume (offered at an additional cost) is made with more hair volume in order to tease well above bow height! Extra Volume option does offer additional volume for fuller/thicker ponies! As gym requirements and personal preferences varies, we offer both Standard and Extra Volume options to our clients! Please keep in mind, that the positioning of the natural hair bun at the crown and ongoing maintenance of the hairpiece also plays a factor in the overall visual height as well.
Our patent-pending design is a design that we have developed during our developmental stage of creating the perfect hairpiece which not only looked amazing under the spotlight, but is also durable and functional for our athletes. We have an incorporated no-sew design which anchors the hairpiece down without requiring any sewing skills or taking a needle to your child's head! Our athletes love the security feeling it gives, and our cheer dads have begun taking over "cheer hair duties" on competition mornings!
We are a veteran owned and operated company! We love our troops and would like to thank them for their selfless service with a special discount code! Please email us at with a valid military ID (please feel free to censor out any SSN or DoD numbers). Military ID surname must match the name of the client who's placing the order to be valid! Offer valid for all Active Duty, Reserve, Retired, and Disabled Veterans with proper identification CAC card!
Yes we do! Our group discounts starts with 7+ hairpiece orders! Once you reach a 20 orders total, there is a larger discount, and 50 orders includes the discount plus a gym/booster club kickback! Kickbacks have funded some teams with various expenses to Worlds and Summit, so please email us at to learn how your gym can raise funds and look fabulous!
Yes! We offer our Color Bar service provided through our contracted licensed Cosmetologist. This service involves one on one consultation with our Colorist to dye the perfect match for you at an additional cost! Just search "Color Bar" for more details!
We offer online support via email and Facebook Messenger. All Customer Care Advisors are real, friendly humans working from our headquarters in Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Miami. We love answering questions, solving problems, and helping you achieve Bombshell Status! We don't offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn't be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone. We decided to keep our support online for a few reasons: * We can instantly view your questions so we can assist effectively. * Matching a hairpiece is a visual process. We frequently ask you to send us photos and videos to help us see what you’re needing to match. * It's faster. We can quickly get to the bottom of your questions without putting you on hold. * Online support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation. We'll always have access to previous emails so you won't have to repeat questions.
Yes! During our slower summer season we offer the Operation OverHaul (OOH) service. Once we start seeing an increase in volume, we begin to refer our wash and retease overhaul service to our *approved Pin-Ups stylists*!! Shoot us an email at for a full list of our referred stylists!!