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Wink! 3D Lashes by Pin-Ups

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When all eyes are on you, wink ?!
Your #LashGoals headquarters ?

Luxury 3D mink voluminous lash extensions ?!
Wink! eyelash are vegan & cruelty-free!

Choose your lash volume desire and lash out!

Team Orders
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Interested in placing a team order of 30-49 Bombshell hairpieces? We are always excited to hear when gym owners/cheer directors are interested in having a uniformed look for their athletes while saving time, energy, and hair in the process!!The larger the order volume made, the deeper the discount. Team orders fall in the 2nd tier discounts (50+ orders are gym-wide orders and has even deeper discounts plus kickbacks!)!*A minimum of 30 orders constitutes a team order and receives a discount of 25% offHair samples can be sent with a $50 security deposit which can be subtracted from your first order of 7+.Ready to order? Email us at for your customized order link and more details on team orders!!